Building a Team: The Key to Success

Let’s imagine you’re a new musician starting out. You are creative, and that is all you want to focus on – making music. Everything else depletes you and takes you away from the ‘zone’. Endless gigs to arrange, practices to attend, a job to juggle it all around; just how on Earth will you ever make your dreams come true with all these responsibilities?

You need a team. Look at any successful artist today and one thing they have in common is that they have a team around them. The team can have a wide range of responsibilities from tour management, booking agents, press, public relations, social media, logistics and more.

We’re not all able to command these vast teams full of experience, and it’s not always affordable.

There are ways to combat this if you’re just starting out. Organising your band or group as a unit and giving each member their own tasks to complete can really move things along quicker than sometimes imagined. Simple things like taking it in turns to post on social media or rotating who organises practices each time can make a huge difference in morale.

In today’s world, your music is so much more than the playing of notes – there’s a whole lot more to it. Your music is a brand, complete with associated symbols and ideology that match.

To be successful it is crucial to give people jobs that they enjoy doing. If your group’s principal creator is spending too much of their time focusing on logistics and organising events then it’s inevitable they will become burned out.

If you want the dream to come alive whilst focusing purely on writing and performing then it’s advised to have some kind of management or agency involved.

They can alleviate so many worries. It is their job to produce professional quality care for their clients – allowing them to focus 100% on the music. Any form of communication via the Internet needs to be brought into line with your music’s identity. Social media, press coverage, bookings, venue hire are just some of the services available to musicians starting out on their musical adventure.

Here at JSM Media it’s our goal to provide up-and-coming artists with the coverage not only that they want, but deserve, and at affordable prices. We offer a variety of services within the main areas of musicology, journalism and artist consultancy. Email us for a quote, let us know your ideas and we’ll see what we can work out.

If it’s success you’re seeking, then you’re going to need a team.

We’d love to be a part of it.


JSM Media

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